August 22, 2017
Hi there!

Blogging has been a tedious job for me. Trust me, I tried several times and all I had these past years were really lame excuses to myself like:

1. I am really busy and I don't have much time
2. It's really really hard to keep up and jot down everything that is happening in my life
3. "Kissa, you don't have a good camera. Your blog is crap compared to the great blogs!"
4. I barely go online via desktop, how can I maintain it?!

But really, I was just to lazy to keep up with it. And then I began to think about it again when a lot of friends loved my instagram posts of all the food I ate and places I've been too. Then they would tell me, "Why won't you try to blog?" or "Document it on a blog!".

Apparently, I began to be surrounded by friends and acquaintances who have already started blogging regularly and they were actually coaching me towards this pretty neat hobby.

Shout out to the supportive blogger Khloee Padilla of  Sky Is The Limit and Eric Cua of The Dapper Memoirist! Click on the link and check 'em out, it's mandatory lol!

You might start to ask why I dubbed the blog as "My Manila Girl". Everytime I go somewhere else, I've always been drawn to thinking I still miss the metro. This is where I'm born, heck I don't even know a provincial dialect (sad). And so I attribute that I've been always a metro manila girl. Thus adding "my" to make it like my alter-ego.

And if you profusely ask another question like, "Then why not Metro Girl? and/or Metro Manila girl?". Buddy, metro girl sounds so much like an IT GIRL. I'm not that. And for Metro Manila girl, I won't even get to that. Sounds a mouthful to me! I just need something brief and embodies me.

Now there. Give me a little supportive pat on the back towards this blogging journey!

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