LAGUNA | Hidden Secret of Pandin Lake

October 23, 2017
Welcome to paradise just a few hours away from Metro Manila!

And welcome back to me, Kissa, the great author of this blog, after 2 weeks of relinquishing my blogging responsibilities because I stubbornly dedicated myself to my CSI re-runs, shame! shame! shame! /lol/

Living in the city tends to get into everyone right? Being in it and living a fast pace life puts all our ambitiousness and dedication into an overdrive but it gets frustrating after a while. What we need is a nearby oasis from the concrete jungle. Pandin Lake in Laguna is the way to go. And this goes to the my top 10 places near the metro. I usually have this urge once in a while to go back to this place whenever I need a very quick escape from the metro that doesn't require an overnight but unfortunately I haven't scheduled yet my comeback -- wait for me Pandin!

It just took as 2 hours from Quezon City to SLEX, but we had to endure an hour of traffic along the main roads of Laguna.

  • Best to bring your own food! We didn't bring any so we paid 360/pax for the 2 hours raft rental and the food and drinks. No food availed will cost you 250/pax.
  • There's a restroom with 2 cubicles each for boys and girls. Drum and tabo type. Don't expect any bidets! 
  • Food served are seafood from the lake itself. So bring your own food if you're allergic to seafood.
  • You're not going to be in the middle of the lake, instead they will bring you to the other end of the lake where there is shade and it's 90 feet deep. Middle of the lake is around 150 feet deep.
  • Be there at around 1-3pm, that's the best time for natural light for your photos.

I love the salad best! Though, I don't even know what green is it exactly haha

I said hands off for the food flat lay photo! HMP!
Row, row, row, to the other side

I wonder why I was in a black sweater dress that day haha!

I assume that this is the most coveted spot in the end of the lake because of the swing. Before I went to Pandin, I checked how the place looks like and more than a dozen photos on instagram were taken on this tire swing hahaha.

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