Once Upon A Soju Night in Erra's Ramen House

November 25, 2017
Three weeks after I graduated, I've been working non-stop even I switched to a new company, the next day I immediately started!! I was that C R A Z Y. As I was working and figuring out my career, there are friends I have not seen ever since graduation. But thankfully the other night! Neri -a friend I haven't seen for 2 years randomly messaged me and my college roomie/classmate, Bham for a get together (I am totally glad I get to relive our college roomie days together as we recently moved in together this month in Manila! There's a high possibility of me mentioning her more often in this blog lol!).

Since we were living near in Taft, we decided to opt for a light dinner after work. We heard a lot about a nearby cheap ramen house where you can also drink called Erra's Ramen House. We just walked from Taft-Pedro Gil passing by Robinsons Ermita to Erra's Ramen House located in Adriatico Street and it wasn't that far. 

This is how it looks like!

Second ramen cart of Erra's

I consider Erra's as a hole in the wall restaurant with a common carinderia ("canteen") setting. There are monoblock chairs and tables inside fully occupied when we arrived and so we opted for the roadside tables.
How it looks inside with the crowd cheerfully eating

Their Ramen menu but they also have another menu for other foods

I love how the roadside tables resemble a scene in a movie I can't actually remember but with the Soju we ordered, I was close to imagining I was in a Korean drama hahahaha, Fact: I'm currently watching Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo because 1.) peer pressure from friends they are very hostile when I don't watch it okay!!! 2.) I miss fangirling on korean oppas 3.) I'm a total loser not watching this yet, a total killjoy at first haha.

Moving forward! We ordered their Tantanmen ramen (Php 100) because it's their deemed bestseller, I insisted for a bottle of soju and one order of their siomai (LIGHT DINNER ONLY BECAUSE PA-SEXY).

Soju + Yakult that I bought from a nearby 7-11

My girlssssssss

Tantanmen Ramen, Soju and Yakult as mix!

For a close up shot of the ramen, It's not that grand but just enough for your Php 100 budget


PRICE - Their ramen menu is totally affordable!

TASTE- I got testimonials from other people that they loved Erra's ramen. But when me and my friends already tasted their Tantanmen ramen, it's just the right amount of salty but it really lacks spice and umami taste. I asked the server if they have condiments to adjust the flavor but there's none. They offered an additional seving of spice (see menu) to add flavor. I'm not sure if that's their gimmick to put less umami/spice so people can pay for an additional serving. I guess that's my Php 100.

SERVING- Just the same as a regular ramen bowl in Hokkaido Ramen/Ippudo but of course expect that the taste and quality is aligned with it's Php 100 price.

AMBIANCE - If you love hole in the wall restaurants this one is no problem (especially for students or people who are in a budget I guess). I loved the roadside tables at night because it's not a regular dining setting here in metro manila because the department of health won't really approve it mehehe.


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